about fiji

The Fiji I want you to see and feel
My love affair with Fiji started over thirty years ago when I was a small child, running around naked in the sun on the white sand beaches. From those early memories the feeling that remains strongest is a sense of peace. Fiji offered relief from the monotony of daily life, freedom from restrictive winter clothes fending off the cold that we visited Fiji to escape from. It felt like safety from the world, in Fiji we could let go, run free, escape to the beautiful clear blue oceans and feel the warmth of the sun melting away the layers of stress from everyone around me.

My young son and I have been living here permanently for the last 7 years and boy have I been on a journey. The Fijian culture with its unique quirky individuality has taught me so much and this can’t be truly discovered on your typical commercialised resort holiday.

Ultimately our health and happiness is all that we can control in this world. This is what I have discovered and this is what I want your Fijian experience to bring to you. The essence of Fiji can only be felt. And can only be found if we escape here to switch off from everything else and switch on to focusing on self. Not just turning off the technology but leaving behind the “because we have to’s” there is no because you have to. There is only because you want to, because your body needs you to.We don’t need a lot of money to enjoy life.

We aren’t here to profit and take advantage of people
We don’t need “things” to bring us happiness
We don’t need photo shop and filters and neither does Fiji.
We DO need our health and happiness.

Your heart, head, body and soul need you to turn everything off and listen to it again.
So hit that reset button now!!

Join me and let the peace of Fiji overcome you and go home with that peace inside of you.

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