About Total Wellness Fiji

Total Wellness Fiji offers you a unique health and wellness retreat and fitness focused holiday, experience the real Fiji with us and its special ability to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

It’s time to disconnect from daily life, enabling reconnection with self. By leaving behind normal routines and taking a break focused on your health. Enriching your life not only while you are with us in Fiji but long after you return home too.

I am here in Fiji to oversee that you get what you need and want out of your break. I have friends on the ground that are expertly trained to greet you and see you through your entire trip, we know what it’s like at home so we can provide you with all that you need and expect albeit with Fijian island flare. After all you are coming to see us to get away from home…

I am offering a holiday option for those that are focused on their health whether that is fitness, weight loss, yoga, meditation, massage detoxification programs and more. Please see our package options and ask us if you would like to tailor make a package to suit your needs.

Kylie Profile

Kylie Gore Wood - Founder

I’m a kiwi girl who has had a lifelong love affair with Fiji. I’ve been living in Nadi, Fiji for over six years and I want to share my experience of Fiji with you. The Fiji that has helped to heal me and taken me on a journey to places I never thought I would go, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I grew up in the middle of no where deep down South in NZ, my family owned a Hotel and thermal pool resort. Here I was home schooled due to the isolation of the area and it is here I guess where my roots in caring for people began. As a family we moved north to Auckland where I attended Kings college, became a beauty Therapist, Studied nursing, got married became a mother and lactation consultant and then moved to Fiji.

I’ve been the “fat girl” at 132kgs and the “skinny girl” at 52kgs, I’ve tried eating, drinking, starving, drugs, surgery, changing careers, moving countries and all manner of ways to try and “fix” my body and its mental, spiritual and physical condition. All this self harm done under the facade of finding happiness but in actuality it was all just causing me more pain.

Fiji helped me heal there is a simplicity of living here and a slow pace of life that somehow helps you see what you really need to be happy and healthy.

Now i’m a (happily:) divorced 36 year old single Mum raising my son in a tropical paradise. I have gotten to a place in life where I finally know what I want to do, I want to help people, make a difference in someone else’s life. When I look back I see that all the paths I have been down have actually been leading me to this, to helping people. But my personal cup wasn’t full before, how could I offer people kindness, love, caring and healing, when in fact my cup was broken and leaking (I did try filling it with copious amounts of wine but that didn’t work haha)

So folks here I am offering all that I have and can offer, in the hopes that I can help you to make a change for the better, to help you realise your worth. If someone can cross my path and take with them a little more awareness of themselves, if you can go home from a retreat happier and healthier then my mission is complete.

Our Team

Our Fijian Healer and Masseuse

Born into a long line of Fijian Traditional Healers her gift has been passed down from generation to generation. Western Culture started to influence the village culture and many people started turning to western medicines however this family have kept the art of Fijian medicine and massage alive with each generation being insisted upon to embrace their family gift of healing.

This ancient knowledge staying alive and now being shared with you. An assortment of Fijian herbs and plants are used to treat anything and everything from fever, earache, indigestion, allergies, skin complaints and even broken heart. By listening to your story a herbal remedy will be made specifically for you followed by a treatment plan and massage to assist with whatever your needs are.

Our Personal Trainer’s

We believe exercise is fundamental to living a well-balanced life, and we truly enjoy helping people. There is a confidence and clarity of mind that comes from exercise and it’s our trainer’s job to motivate you to unlock your physical and mental potential. We incorporate gym and outdoor training into your workouts, making sure that each workout helps you improve your life.

Our gym based trainer is ready to help you with specific technical training to achieve your goals, she has training and experience in all aspects of your gym training.
And our outdoor training specialist has over 10 years experience in the fitness industry and a passion to motivate and support people to improve their health, fitness and lifestyle. By being by your side every step of the way guiding your journey to health, this trainer will go that extra mile. While exploring some of Fiji’s most beautiful beaches, mountains and hot spots you will be accompanied by your trainer making training fun by using the land as your training/play ground and exploring Fiji while achieving your fitness goals.

Customer Reviews

We really take pride in the services that we offer. Attention to detail is very important to us, as is your whole experience with Total Wellness Fiji.

We are grateful to those who have taken the time to share some kind words and feedback with us.

Cara Gane

"This was so much more than a travel experience! Not only did the destination have an effect on me but the health and detox retreat's really made an unexpected transformation in my internal body and personal insights. The Total Wellness Team are ready to help with any kind of request, the experienced locals who offer their friendliness and expertise seamlessly. This experience stayed with me long after my flight departed and has positively changed my daily life, I see people, places and things differently now. I feel so much better about myself physically spiritually and mentally."

Lisa Gustav

"It is great that Kylie and her team have such an intimate knowledge of Fiji. This made the whole experience from start to finish very easy for me"

Denim Withnell

"It has been a pleasure to work with Kylie, her knowledge of the products and services available is incredible”