Disconnect to connect package

A package designed to clear the negative energy accumulated by our constant use of electronic devices. Starting your week-long digital detox begins with 2 days in Nadi. Enjoy tapping therapy, massage, Fijian healing, mud pools, gentle hiking and sightseeing these activities which have been chosen specifically to aid in releasing technology tension. With your time in Nadi we gradually prepare you for 3 days technology free in the highlands with a keen personal trainer to accompany and encourage you with your fitness goals, allowing you to truly reap the benefits of the digital detox experience. Your last two days in Nadi are a gentle reintroduction to technology and a chance to reflect on your experiences and how technology impacts your day to day life. A final session with your tapping therapist and Fijian massage herbalist will prepare you for your return home. This is an opportunity to assess your values without distractions and focus on the physical world that we are so often not present in. .

Tapping Therapy 2 x 1hr
Tapping helps you release emotional baggage that affects your life. When you tap into Meriden system or acupressure points while thinking of the stress, trauma or anxiety in a specific sequence, your negative emotions vanish. Life becomes easier and all those negative responses are gone. You are able to work better and become more productive, your interactions with people around you begin to change as you notice and respond differently creating a change in yourself therefore everyone around you. When the emotional baggage disappears your mind has less chatter and you sleep well. Healthy mind – healthy body.

Fijian Healer and Massage including herbal medicine 2 x 1.5hr treatments (extra massage available at additional cost).

You will be charmed by traditional healing methods personally tailored to suit your needs. Our Fijian healer comes from a long line of Fijian healers her skills have been passed down through the women in her family from generation to generation. Your healer will bring an assortment of living herbs and with each visit will prescribe and mix a combination of Herbal remedies for whatever may ail you. Many of our Fijian friends that have moved abroad and have all the best Western hospitals and medications available to them will still send for Fijian medicine to cure them, whether it be remedies posted overseas or one of our village healers flown out for treatments. This I believe testifies to the ability of these healers and their treatments. All treatments are performed in the privacy of your room.

Sleeping Giant Trek
Collected from your resort and driven to the trek site ,you will be briefed on the mornings adventure and introduced to your trek guides. This trek takes you on a walk to the top of the Sabeto hill also known as the Sleeping giant. Suitable for all fitness levels however there is vehicle access and support vehicles should you require a lift at any time. Once a top of the hill the views are spectacular and span across the whole of Nadi and beyond. With restrooms, time to take photos, reflect and absorb the views you will then trek down to Veeís organic Farm for an organic farm grown breakfast and a farm tour. Then on to the mud pools for a massage, a tour of the Garden of the Sleeping giant for a leisurely walk amongst the hundreds of plant varieties for more photos, refreshments and to absorb the natural environment.

Mud Pools
Sabeto Mud pools are a well known hot spot located not far from Nadi.
The mud pools consist of several temperate pools of varying degrees where you are able to cover yourself from head to toe in thermal mud aiding in the removal of dead skin cells and toxins from the skin followed by a cleansing process through the subsequent pools that the complex has to offer.

Highlands Digital and Dietary Detox 2 Nights 3 days

Situated in the tropical highlands this traditional style setting has authentic Bures (huts) and a Valenikana (Shared dining area), handcrafted by the local people, using Fijian building methods. With no access to electronics or internet access it’s a true opportunity to unplug and switch off.
Danny your highlands host as well as being passionate about getting back to basics and sharing his Fijian experience with you will also help and encourage you with your fitness goals, accompany you on treks and hikes, share his love of the land and Fijian culture making river rafts to cruise down the river on or simply sit telling stories by the fire. This adventure is whatever you want it to be.

The property serves home grown, chemical-free Fijian foods, especially root crops and vegetables that are provided by local farmers each day, plus fresh fish and prawns from the river whenever possible, mainly a natural vegetarian diet. Guests are welcome to help harvest and cook the foods rebuilding our lost earth connection with the food we eat.
You can relax or enjoy some of the many activities on offer, including mountain hiking, trekking to the twin-waterfalls, horse riding, river rafting, weaving, craft making, bird watching and farming. There are also storytelling sessions with the locals or you can try a cooking lesson to create Fijian dishes to impress back home. You will feel yourself naturally becoming more mindful of all aspects of your daily life. The retreat is solar powered. There is no electronic equipment at the property.

Accommodation 7 Nights
I personally stay in and only book accommodation that cleanliness and tidy albeit simple but comfortable with all of the conveniences you would require throughout your stay. In the highlands the accommodation available is island style rustic bures which are clean, comfortable and private with mosquito nets. Or you can choose to stay in a camping style set up exclusively for the private use of Total Wellness Fiji customers, with solar lights, solar shower, mosquito nets and linen.
Nadi accommodation will be advised of once your preferred dates are confirmed.

Daily Program

Day one
Arrival day
Hotel check in and
Fijian herbal medicine and massage in your room 1.5hrs

Day two
Sleeping giant trek with
Organic breakfast
Mud Pools
Orchid garden tour
1 hr tapping therapy

Day three
Travel from nadi to the highlands
Highlands digital detox retreat check in

Day four
Highlands digital detox activities
Waterfalls, hiking, rafting etc

Day five 
Full day of Highlands activities

Day six
Check out of Highlands digital detox retreat
Return to nadi

Day seven
1 hr tapping therapy
Fijian herbal medicine and massage in your room 1.5hrs

Day eight
Airport transfer and fly home

Total Package costs and inclusions NZD$2,150

General Information

Your Disconnect to Reconnect package includes daily transfers to and from all of the above mentioned pre-booked activities, in room services such as your Fijian healing treatments and Tapping therapy sessions will be brought to your accommodation.
Any extra activities and transportation required (that has not been mentioned above) will be at your own expense however we will recommend the best and cheapest of local taxis to use and will try to coincide shopping trips and food runs etc into any existing travel you are doing with us.

Package Includes

  • Personalised airport pick up and drop off
  • Accommodation for 7 nights
  • Assistance with and priority service upon check in and check outs.
  • Meals provided for and included at the highlands retreat, breakfast provided with your sleeping giant trek and all other meals will not be included in your package costs.
  • All transfers for pre booked package activities including the 160km return highland transfer from Nadi
  • Shopping excursions and local information guide throughout the transfer service to and from the activities

Fiji is often voted as having the happiest and friendliest people in the world. There is just something about Fiji that creates a sense of calm and relaxation.

Come and experience the joy, beauty and simplicity of the ‘real’ Fiji with a holiday which is quite different from what you would usually see as a tourist. You really will come away with unforgettable memories.


Bring suitable clothing such as walking clothes and shoes most importantly reef shoes for river crossings, swimwear, sulu/sarong. Light clothes that dry easily. While packing your wardrobe please keep in mind the traditional culture of Fiji, so skimpy two pieces and your speedos might be best left at home or in your bag to be worn on your days in nadi.

All of your required toiletries (nothing will be provided in this sense.)

Mosquito repellant and a torch or two and batteries is a must as there is no electricity at all on your highlands adventure.

A good book or two is a highly recommended as a packing essential, electronics and personnel computing devices are welcome but limiting your exposure to screen time is why you are here!! We recommended to completely switch off and let your mind, body and spirit reconnect.

You must provide bottled water for the duration of your stay in the highlands and this can be purchased throughout your travels. We can stop at a supermarket for water and anything else you may require (Bottled water is between $1 and $2 Fijian dollars per 1.5l of water)

Laundry facilities are not available at the highland retreat but washing facilities can be arranged through your Nadi accomodation for personnel washing and bed linen is changed throughout your stay.

Pack light for your three nights in the highlands, there is no vehicle access to the retreat and everything has to be carried across the river to reach your secluded spot. Safe storage can be provided in Nadi for collection of extra baggage upon your return to reality in Nadi

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